The initial choice is to either select a wealth management firm to create and manage your investments, or create and manage a portfolio yourself.  A major difficulty in selecting a wealth management firm is that there’s often not an unbiased 3rd party offering ratings of investment returns performance.

Other difficulties are finding a reputable firm that offers long-term 10% returns or will manage low/medium income individual portfolios.  Minor negative is fees.

Could one hope to create and self-manage that fund him or herself? Could one hope to do it as well as or better than a professional wealth management firm?

1.  You’ll be executing a plan that requires 3rd party top 2 rankings in 1-5 rating ranges for quality and risk of mutual funds/ETFs in your portfolio.

2.  You’ll be executing a plan that has built-in returns advantages that results demonstrate make it very difficult for wealth management firms to match.   

3.  Years of experience with the EGGS in Your Nest plan, developed to meet goals and executed with discipline, suggests that, regardless of background, you’d be the best person to manage your retirement savings!

And of course the most obvious reason is that it’s your portfolio and no paid advisor can give it the personal attention you’d want to give it.