Millions of Americans Are Financially Unprepared for Retirement

Academic and media studies have suggested that millions of Americans are financially unprepared for retirement.

EGGS in Your Nest offers an investment plan developed with what the author felt was common sense logic for his own personal use, and found over many years of disciplined usage worked better than even he expected.

The author, a retired aerospace manufacturing employee, makes no claim to being a professional money manager. His plan's logic is not hard to understand, has provided outstanding returns in good market years, and has minimized losses in bad market years.

Conversational wording, indexes, and a glossary make EGGS in Your Nest a book that can be understood and implemented by anyone willing to learn and undertake what he or she thought they could not do.

EGGS in Your Nest offers advice on the steps to take to initiate and implement the plan, in the order one would best take them.

Also offered are recommendations on IRAs and 401-k plans, and examples of useful plan applications other than retirement accounts.

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